eNVicase One

eNVicase One

Simplicity, elegance and freshness – this all is composed into the PC Case eNVicase One. The case is suitable for home or office, but as it is equipped with a lot of space for additional fans, can be used also by more demanding customers such as gamers or graphics. The beauty of the case is emphasized by special black body painting. Obviously there are all necessary up-to-date features such as HD audio and USB 2.0 included.

Tech specification

Dimension445 × 185 × 420 mm
Weight4 kg
Suitable forATX, MicroATX MBs, ATX PSUs
External Bays3 × 5.25", 1 × 3.5"
Internal Bays6 × 3.5", 1 × 5.25" (hidden behind the front panel)
Front panel equipment2 × USB 2.0, HD audio, audio AC97
Space for fansFront - 80 mm, 92 mm, 120 mm
Back - 92 mm
Side - 80 mm
PCI Slots 7
Shipping Weight5 kg
Shipping volume0.051CBM


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eNVicase One - Product sheet [152 kB]