eNVicooler 12 PWM

eNVicooler 12 PWM

Reliability, silence and attractive fresh design – these are AIMAXX eNVicoolers. Fans are all equipped with Nanomaxx bearing. This AIMAXX patented bearing is made of super thin, extra durable material, guarantees longtime life with very small friction for low noise. The whole series is packed in eye-catching green-black window blister color box for easier presentation to customers. Fan includes 4 pin PWM connector for easy monitoring function. Special green silicone anti vibration screws are package included.

Tech specification

Dimension120 × 120 × 25 mm
Fan Speed400-1600 ± 10% rpm
Rated Voltage12V DC
BearingNanomaxx Bearing
Noise Level9.3-22.8 dB/A
Length of cable300 mm
Package Includes4pin PWM connector, metal screws, antivibration silicone screws, rubber pads


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